Chick Fil A 6th Avenue

Premier Mechanical provided a complete new mechanical (HVAC) system in the second ever Chick Fil A store in NY located on 6th Avenue in NYC. This Chick Fil A is one of the highest grossing fast food restaurants in New York City. The new mechanical system in this location consisted of low profile water cooled air handlers with a new steam to hot water heating plant located in the cellar level. The kitchen system included Smog Hog precipitators which cleaned and exhausted all kitchen hood exhaust to the outdoors. All kitchen exhaust consisted of 10 gauge welded black iron steel with Fire Master duct wrapping as per NYC DOB codes. The mechanical air distribution system was provided with charcoal filtration, general exhaust and make up air handler to help reduce orders and maintain fresh air throughout the building. This Chick Fil A location was provided with a complete DDC control system to allow for remote control of all space set points and run schedule for optimum efficiency of all mechanical water-cooled air handler.